Cimilre is a popular international breast pump brand from Korea with over 16 years of experience in manufacturing high quality and innovative breastfeeding products. Cimilre was founded since 1999 by Uzin Medicare, serving under the brand, SPECTRA & CIMILRE, until January 2016, Cimilre took a spin - off to establish as an independent company and brand for the further advancing breast pump technology and comfort for breast feeding mothers.

Cimilre Co. Ltd was acclaimed as the winner for the Global Market with Top Quality Breast Pump in July 2017. Cimilre breast pumps are now available to USA market with Cimilre USA, LLC.
We are a team of committed healthcare providers and lactation consultants providing moms with comfort, compassion, and care to contribute to the confidence needed on your breastfeeding journey.

Brand Promise:
We care for mothers, to help provide natural nutrition
and support the healthy development of children.
To comfort mothers with quality products, a community of support
and a knowledgable lactation experience.
To give all moms confidence, freedom and solutions for their lifestyles
with the cutting edge of nursing technology.


COMPASSION: Walking alongside motherhood’s highs and lows.
COMFORT: Restoring a sense of coziness and freedom.
CONFIDENCE: Encouraging the inner voice that guides moms.
CLEAN: Delivering safe products & use instructions.
COMPACT: Empowering an “on the go” and mobile solution.
COMMUNITY: Connecting moms with resources, consultants & friends.
CUTTING EDGE: Advancing breast pump technology and comfort.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Partnering with mothers to nurture their babies.


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